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Truly Bone

About the Book:

Published with the Women's Studio Workshop (Rosedale, NY), Truly Bone is an artist's book which features four poems accompanying Kunc's layered prints. The images are etching, aquatint spit bite and drypoint from multiple copper plates using sixteen colors. The type is 11 pt. Romulus; the text paper is cream Italian Alcantara. The sheets are tipped together and onto a spine hinge adhering them at center to a paper cover wrapped in a wood-block printed pattern paper. 20 continuous accordion-folded pages. Limited edition of 50 copies.

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poem detail

Letter of Transmittal

Herein find one woman, used, in fair shape,
given to excess, too fond of what's personal
to star in meetings, intuitive
rather than learned, as we say,
whose favorite pastime is the job
you've offered (which in our service
she defined), whose greatest accomplishment
is drawing breath.

On the office phone we heard
she heard this counsel, part of her job,
to pet the scar, croon to her body,
the surviving parts, sway and cherish
like a lover all that falls easily
into the upturned palm. Representative
of the job she's done.

Her last assignment is her signature, here
at the bottom of this letter. Take her.
We have voted, given voice to her eulogy.
Where she goes now is her own affair.
Our names are below. Take her.
Everything we have been able to do
for her is done. What's left is truly bone.
If you wish it, take her home.

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